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HighPoint Hybrid Academy blends the joys of virtual learning with the support and structure of optional in-person learning pods that meet twice weekly.
HighPoint Hybrid Academy

Your Child’s Experience

Twice a week your child will have the option to meet in learning pods with exceptional learning coaches who excel at creating unique hands-on activities and projects. At home, as their co-teacher, you will be there to lend a hand whenever your child needs support — and with them to celebrate each achievement. You can expect…


Complete days of engaged learning on-campus option


Maximum ratio of students per teacher for most classes


Hours in an optional classroom experience per week

“What I love most about working at HighPoint is the strong collaboration we have with parents. It truly is a program that understands the natural rights of parents to direct the care, teaching, and education of their children. We serve the needs of our students by cooperating with parents to develop rich learning experiences in a positive, nurturing environment.”

– Staff, Rochester
Design Your Life

Create the Learning Environment that you want!

Traditional students spend around 35 hours weekly at school. HighPoint Hybrid Academy students are in person only about 12 hours per week, should they choose to be. Your family gets more of our most precious resource, TIME, so you can be influencing your children in your home–or out on learning adventures that you design.

Best of Both

Home & School

With the dynamic combination of virtual curriculum at-home and learning pods your child will gain knowledge, confidence, and more connection to your family.  And, as their co-teacher, you’ll be by their side, coaching and cheering them on.


Who is HighPoint for?

Our K-12 model of learning is for families who are looking to transition their children out of a traditional school or for parents who desire additional guidance in their educational journey.

“EVERY child is truly seen and valued at HighPoint Hybrid Academy.”

– Staff member, Clarkston
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