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Purpose & Priorities

Our purpose is to join parents in equipping students with the relational, practical, and academic skills they need to succeed and to encourage the God-given strengths, gifts, and passions within each student.


At HighPoint Hybrid Academy we strive to develop a consistent community of students who learn and grow together, developing the skills and habits that will help them live a happy and fulfilled life. We encourage deeper friendships as students have classes together all day twice a week. We help students find their place in life and want all to realize they belong and have value. While learning together, students can identify their strengths, passions, and build leadership skills, so they will know how to use their gifts to impact the world. We also want to create community among parents who are educating their children in a non-traditional way. By working together, parents can have the help, support, and encouragement they need to give their children the best education possible and prepare them for their future life. 


We affirm parents in their role as the primary influence and educator in their child’s life. We want to help support and protect the God-ordained family unit. Education begins at home and should be supported and encouraged throughout a child’s life. We believe that it is important for a family to learn, play, and spend time together. Building family relationships are vital to a child’s upbringing and will have the most lasting impact on his or her life. By having a 2-day per week optional program, we allow families to have discretion over their free time and encourage them to live an unhurried life together.

Leadership Development, Life Skills, & Self-Discovery

At HighPoint Hybrid Academy, we acknowledge that academics are only part of a complete education. Our holistic approach to learning prepares a child to live a productive and successful life. In order to do so, we give students the opportunity to practice relational, leadership, and practical life skills. We also believe each child is created with unique gifts, talents, and passions that need to be discovered, developed, and honed for a child to live the life they are intended to live. Our desire is that every student who attends HighPoint will gain an understanding about themselves so they are empowered to be all that God created them to be.

Active Learning

We work to provide students with opportunities to “learn by doing” through hands-on, interdisciplinary projects, games, and activities that address challenges and real-world problems. This transforms students from passive receivers of information into energetic problem-solvers who assume greater responsibility for their learning. Students work collaboratively in classrooms where they are encouraged to ask questions, explore, investigate, and strategize. Using the HighPoint Learning curriculum at home as a starting point, students have a chance to apply that learning in fun and dynamic ways during their two days on campus. At HighPoint Hybrid Academy, we strive to discover new ways of learning and to think beyond the present horizon of education.

Considerate Christian Worldview

We feel a child’s religious education is the responsibility of the parent and their chosen church. Our desire is to be welcoming and respectful to all students and families regardless of their religious beliefs and personal worldview. We want all families to feel comfortable learning with us. Thoughtful, reasonable discussions about other worldviews will be respected. When it is part of the class subject, the worldview of the lessons will be from a Christian perspective. This allows the parent the opportunity to know what perspective a class is taught from and to have discussions with their children if they believe differently. We do not teach religion, but we do strive to show Christ’s love to all.