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Early Elementary

Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade Learning Groups: Approximately 5-7 years old

Working Hand-In-Hand

We have designed our in-person instruction time so that families and staff can work hand-in-hand in order to best meet the developmental needs of our youngest students. We strive to foster the gifts inherent in each child. We believe children are born curious learners, and our desire is to partner with parents, as the primary educator, to tap into that natural curiosity.

Amazing Instructors

Our amazing early elementary instructors bring out each child’s love of learning by giving them a vast array of experiences in a hands-on environment. Students are immersed in literacy (language arts) and numeracy (math) education. Students explore letters and sounds and begin to make sense of written language with a strong phonics program. Additionally, students begin to grow comfortable with number concepts such as counting, ordering, adding, subtracting, and identifying number patterns. Through a variety of teaching methods such as the use of centers, one-on-one time, small groups, large group learning, and projects, students develop these important emerging reading and mathematical skills.

“I definitely want to give a shout out to the incredible HighPoint staff. The instructors are such an amazing blessing to my son and his brother. Each of them are so warm and welcoming, plus the kindness and patience I have seen is incredible! Both of my children are loving HighPoint.”

– Parent, Rochester

Joy-Filled Classes

As the weeks progress, your child’s instructor will get to know each student and their God-given gifts, interests, and talents. We work hard to ensure that your child will thrive in our joy-filled classroom spaces each week. Your child will be known, loved, cared for, encouraged, and challenged in their self-contained group.

Quality Literature

Using quality literature as a launching point, students explore various topics and concepts in science and social studies through exploration, guided play, and hands-on activities. Art instruction, music, and sometimes even theater activities are also used to enhance student learning, and are often directly related to the lessons and topics that are being explored in their core subjects.

“My child loves being in the Primer group. The creative things they are doing – it all makes me so happy.”

– Parent, Downriver

“We really love HighPoint and feel that it is the perfect balance for us! We are so grateful as a family.”

– Parent, Clarkston

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