ATTENTION: If you are considering applying you must contact our Admissions Coordinator at (248) 403-8580 ext 1,  admissions@highpointhybrid.com‬ or submit a  Request More Information form before you apply to make sure there is space available at your desired campus location as the application fee is non refundable.

Admission Steps

We are so excited to accept more students into HighPoint Hybrid Academy! We have worked hard to create a program to meet student’s needs, but we realize we can’t help everyone. If your child has special needs, learning difficulties, and/or behavioral challenges please submit a Request More Information before you apply.

1. Student Application and Application Fee (one-time fee*)
2. Family Interview and Student Assessment
3. Acceptance
4. Tuition Agreement and Enrollment Fee
5. Receive curriculum list and purchase curriculum
6. Attend a Co-Teacher training

We reserve the right to decide that HighPoint is not the right fit for certain students. The application fee is non-refundable.

*The one-time Application Fee is $100 for the first student applying and $50 for every additional student. 

Tuition – 2021/2022 School Year

$4,800 total if you choose to self-pay ($4,000 tuition, plus $800 administrative fee)

Tuition is covered if you choose to utilize the optional funding* and families pay the remaining $800 administrative fee

 Multi-student family discount –

First and second students at annual tuition and on-site rate
Third student and on pays $4400 each or $400* for the administrative fee if you choose to utilize the optional funding

 Scholarships –

We do offer a limited amount of scholarships to families that are in need. Please do not let the cost of HighPoint Hybrid keep you from reaching out to us at finance@highpointhybrid.com

For a complete list of tuition and fees please click HERE

*Optional Funding Available

Clarkston Community Schools provides funding for students who enroll in the school district. To find out more go to https://www.clarkston.k12.mi.us/online and review the HighPoint Hybrid Information. The process steps to apply and enroll for funding can be found HERE.

Children with Special Needs

It is our mission at HighPoint Hybrid to provide a high-quality program and create a community of students who learn and grow together. We know our program will help many children, however realize that we are not a good fit for all. If your child has learning challenges, behavior issues, emotional challenges, or an IEP, we would like the opportunity to discuss these issues with you before you apply. There are some situations that we are just not equipped to help you with. Even if HighPoint is not a good fit for your child, there may be some educational programs that we can recommend that may be a better option.

If your student needs academic and educational advising, HighPoint can help.  Please reach out to academics@highpointhybrid.com to begin the conversation.

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