ATTENTION: If you are considering applying for grades K through 8th at our Rochester Hills Campus please contact our Admissions Director Julianne Reyes at 248-701-1584 | before you apply.

Admission Steps

We are so excited to accept more students into HighPoint Hybrid Academy! We have worked hard to create a program to meet student’s needs, but we realize we can’t help everyone. If your child has special needs, learning difficulties, and/or behavioral challenges please reach out to Julianne Reyes at before you apply.

1. Student Application and Application Fee (one-time fee*)
2. Family Interview and Student Assessment
3. Acceptance
4. Tuition Agreement and Enrollment Fee 
5. Receive curriculum list and purchase curriculum
6. Attend co-teacher training

We reserve the right to decide that HighPoint is not the right fit for certain students. The application fee is non-refundable, unless the HighPoint team determines after the family interview that a student or family is not the right fit for the program. In that case, 50% of the fee will be refunded. We look forward to seeing your family application soon.

*The one-time Application Fee is $100 for the first student applying and $30 for every additional student. If a family has more than 3 students applying to HighPoint, any application fees beyond $160 will be credited towards tuition.

Tuition – 2018/2019 School Year

Tuition is $4800 if you self-pay
Tuition is $800* per year if you choose to utilize the optional funding

Multi-student family discount –
First and second students at annual tuition rate
Third student and on pays $4400 each or $400* if you choose to utilize the optional funding

*Optional Funding Available

SOARCE is a program initiated through the Madison Heights School District. It allows participating families living in Oakland county and all surrounding counties access to various resources as well as significant financial support for the cost of classes through approved vendors, regardless of family income.  As a vendor, HighPoint is unable to answer questions about enrolling in the SOARCE program or any student requirements. HighPoint is able to inform you about what funding is available per student, if you contact us. We also have more information to the question regarding the relationship between SOARCE and HighPoint Hybrid Academy on our frequently asked questions page.

For more information about enrollment, benefits and student requirements (you will leave HighPoint’s website) go to: official S.O.A.R.C.E. information page


Children with Special Needs

It is our mission at HighPoint Hybrid to provide a high-quality program and create a community of students who learn and grow together. We know our program will help many children, however realize that we are not a good fit for all. If your child has severe learning challenges, serious behavior issues, or emotional challenges, we would like the opportunity to discuss these issues with you before you apply. There are some situations that we are just not equipped to help you with. Even if HighPoint is not a good fit for your child, there may be some educational programs that we can recommend that may be a better option.

Tarla Gernert, one of the founders of HighPoint Hybrid, offers Academic and Educational Advising. She is very knowledgeable about a wide variety of programs and services available in the area and understands the challenges when children are not thriving in their current educational situation. She is available by appointment to give guidance, recommendations, and share resources to help you develop a plan that will work better for your child. To request an appointment, please contact her at

If you do choose to apply and it is determined that a student or family is not the right fit for the program, 50% of the application fee will be refunded.

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