Work With Us

There are many ways you can work with us.

Teachers – NOW HIRING – If you have a skill or area of expertise, you might decide to apply to work with us as a teacher. While we don’t require our teachers to have teaching degrees, we do look for talented individuals who have a passion for sharing knowledge with others, an enthusiasm for home education, and the desire to deliver high-quality courses with an eye toward creativity and innovation. We have opportunities for teachers at all three campuses.

Campus Coordinators – Campus coordinators serve as the heart of our program, overseeing the day-to-day operation of our campuses, facilitating the development of friendships, providing helpful resources, scheduling field trips and ensuring that our campuses are safe, comfortable, fun environments for all who participate.

Staff/Administration – From time to time, we may also have staff positions available. While the positions do vary, they are all integral to keeping HighPoint Hybrid Academy a viable educational option and ensuring that our program meets its goals. For these roles, we look for dedicated, reliable individuals who are passionate about home education and determined to ensure the continued success of our program.

Volunteers – We are always appreciative of help from volunteers who are committed to supporting our program. If your children are attending HighPoint Hybrid Academy we welcome your help with setting up for lunch and helping out in certain classes. Likewise, we sometimes have a need for help with special events and field trips. If you are interested in volunteering at HighPoint Hybrid Academy, contact a campus coordinator for more information.

If you are interested in working with HighPoint Hybrid Academy in any of these capacities, please complete the form below.