At HighPoint Hybrid Academy, we combine the joys of homeschooling with the delight of consistently learning together in a classroom community two days a week. We also support and guide parents as they teach their children at home.

Students in grades K -12 learn for 30 weeks in classes taught by experienced and passionate teachers. The students are then assigned lessons to complete at home with the parent or guardian serving as a co-teacher. The program covers a full year of instruction in Math, Language Arts, History, Science, and the Arts. Additionally, students in middle and high school can choose some exciting electives. 

The hybrid model of education encourages parents to be directly involved with their child’s learning process, without having to prepare lessons and come up with creative projects. Families now can have the time to work, learn, and play together, with the freedom to discover each child’s strengths and passions.

As one of our parents said,

“HighPoint is an answered prayer for our family. It has helped us stay focused, have more time as a family, and it’s given us a sense of community. Our kids are thriving; they enjoy going to their classes and are building relationships. It has totally changed the dynamics of our homeschooling experience, making it more meaningful and easier to stay on track. It is the perfect balance – the best of both worlds!”