Our Academic Approach

Not only is HighPoint Hybrid Academy unique in the fact that we are a K-12 program that meets only two days a week on campus, but we also have different priorities than a traditional school. We feel most conventional public and private schools are failing at preparing our kids for the real world and we desire to do things differently.

At HighPoint, our priority is to focus on the list of competencies below. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but a starting point.

  • Context – creating an environment where learning flows naturally; making learning hands-on
  • Curiosity – allowing questioning, exploring and wondering; a God-given trait that drives people to learn
  • Communication – having the ability to express thoughts and feelings clearly and confidently
  • Creativity – discovering, inventing, starting, and building new ideas and putting them into practice
  • Collaboration – working constructively within a group
  • Critical thinking – interpreting, understanding, discerning, and analyzing information to form reasoned arguments and judgements
  • Community – learning and growing together and genuinely caring for the welfare of others

(List developed from Gifted: Raising Children Intentionally by Chris Davis and Creative Schools by Ken Robinson)​

We do not pride ourselves on being “rigorous” at HighPoint – but relational, practical, and academic. The required home assignments are not busy work because we desire to be efficient in what we teach. If a student and/or parent feels they need more challenge and a more rigorous program, there is supplementary work available. Families are able to choose the workload that works for their lifestyle while helping their child learn the subject matter.

At HighPoint Hybrid Academy, we want families to have the time and freedom to do other things besides that which is strictly academic. The underlying belief is that students can learn so much from family interactions, the world around them, intentional experiences, travel, volunteer work, creative play and downtime, internships, and discovering and pursuing passions. The key is to allow children to have time to not be busy, but to explore, be curious, ask questions, create and invent.

For further reading on this subject and to learn more about our philosophy we highly recommend the incredible book – Gifted: Raising Children Intentionally by Chris Davis.

Gifted: Raising Children Intentionally

Read more about our philosophy in this incredible book – Gifted: Raising Children Intentionally. Download the first chapter for free!