Middle School

Zeta, Theta, Kappa Learning Groups: Approximately 11-14 years old

Our middle school program is designed to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills through studies that utilize inquiry and hands-on learning. Middle school courses are taught by subject-area experts that engage students in collaborative learning experiences. Teachers will help students develop important communication, time management, and organizational skills in preparation for the high school years. HighPoint’s middle school teachers use open communication and intentional relationships to help students navigate the unique, and often challenging, social, and developmental dynamics that accompany adolescence.

HighPoint’s middle school courses strive to help students pursue excellence within the core subjects. Our language arts program consists of reading quality literature, multi-genre writing, grammar instruction, and vocabulary enhancement. All of these disciplines are taught both in and out of the classroom.

Mathematics instruction at the middle school level builds upon the student’s previous knowledge, while at the same time continuing to challenge them in dynamic ways. In class, students receive direct instruction and participate in engaging group activities to reinforce their learning. The at-home lessons, assignments, and activities serve to solidify their understanding of the concepts presented in class. By the end of the middle school years, students will be prepared for Algebra.

In social studies, students are encouraged to engage with history through debates, simulations, and group assignments. Similarly, science classes incorporate hands-on experiments and group investigations to create an exciting environment. Students at this level are expected to complete weekly home assignments in science and social studies.

For our elective classes, we find teachers who are truly passionate about what they teach. These classes are designed to enrich the on-campus experience for our middle schoolers.

The staff at HighPoint Hybrid Academy does not seek to simply create “good students”, but rather to encourage students to be resourceful, creative, and to think critically. While we seek to develop these traits throughout the program, we foster them specifically in Life Skills and Leadership classes. In these classes, students learn important life skills as they prepare for life through and after high school. As they progress through our program, students are encouraged to discover their unique talents to see how they can best be used in the future. As John Gardner profoundly said, “We don’t even know what skills may be needed in the years ahead … We must train our young people in the fundamental fields of knowledge, and equip them to understand and cope with change. We must give them the critical qualities of mind and durable qualities of character that will serve them in circumstances we cannot now even predict.”

As our students move through middle school, they develop a greater sense of responsibility and independence. At home, the role of parents transitions from co-teacher to guide as students develop academic independence.

Middle school can be challenging for many children because it is a life-stage marked by change. As they grow from childhood into adolescence, we want to guide our students to act intentionally, think critically, listen thoughtfully, reason wisely, and speak persuasively. At this stage of life, together in partnership with parents, we want to begin teaching our students how to live life to their fullest potential.

Frequently Asked Questions
What do Zeta, Theta, and Kappa mean? What are learning groups?

HighPoint utilizes unique learning group names to differentiate each learning level. Our middle school students are in the Zeta, Theta, and Kappa learning groups. These students will likely range from ages 11-14. We recognize that all students do not learn at the same pace. Because of this, we group students together by their math, language arts, and social level rather than simply by age. This model creates multi-age learning environments within each group.

What is the average class size at HighPoint?

HighPoint’s learning groups have a maximum class size of 16 students. On average, our classes are 14-16 students.

What does the typical day look like for a middle school student?

Students meet with their core class teachers on both days and meet with one of their two electives each day. Additionally, our Zeta students will have a life/leadership class one day a week.

Middle School Sample Schedule:
Day 1 Day 2
Period 1 Science Science
Period 2 Language Arts Literature Language Arts Composition
Period 3 Life Leadership Skills Life Leadership Skills
Lunch Lunch Lunch
Period 4 Math Math
Period 5 Social Studies Social Studies
Period 6 Elective Option 1 Elective Option 2
What curricular resources does HighPoint use in middle school?*
  • Elemental Science for the Logic stage
  • Math Mammoth
  • History of US or World History Detective
  • Lightning Literature and Fix It! Grammar

*This is not an exhaustive list but gives a general idea of what we utilize. Our teachers use the relevant and engaging books listed above as a springboard for hands-on activities, projects, and experiments in class.

How much time should I anticipate for at-home assignments?

Each child has different needs and works at a unique pace. What may take one student 15 minutes to complete may take another student an hour. On average we suggest planning 2 to 4 hours per home day, per child.

How do teachers communicate at-home assignments in middle school?

HighPoint Hybrid uses a Learning Management System called FACTS to help teachers, parents, and students communicate. Parents and students are able to log into the secure system to see all of the assignments and due dates.

Are there parent/teacher conferences?

Yes. Twice each semester, parents are sent a progress report via email. Additionally, parents and teachers meet in person mid-way through the semester. Since parents and teachers are working so closely together, these conferences are a great way to continue to develop this partnership and ensure the student’s success.

Does HighPoint provide report cards?

At the end of each semester (January and May) digital report cards are emailed to parents. Additionally, progress reports are emailed every five weeks and Parent-Co-teacher Conferences are hosted in the fall and spring. At any time, parents can view student progress through the FACTS student information system. Teachers update their grade book weekly.

What if my child isn’t working at grade level? What if my child has special needs?

We recognize that each child is unique and special. Students are placed in learning groups based on their learning needs, not solely on their chronological age. This means some students might be a year older or younger than others in their group. During class, children are expected to participate in activities and group learning. At home, parents have the freedom to tailor lessons, activities, and homework to meet their child’s unique learning needs. If a student needs additional practice or reinforcement, our teachers and Academic Director are happy to partner with you to provide additional resources. We do not offer special assistance or paraprofessional support for students who have significant behavior or learning challenges.

While HighPoint Hybrid has the desire to help educate all children, we recognize that HighPoint might not be the best fit for every child. We acknowledge that we are not equipped to help children with significant disabilities and do not offer special assistance or paraprofessional support for students who have significant behavior or learning challenges. If HighPoint Hybrid is not a good fit for your child, we will do our best to refer you to programs that may offer more resources than we can provide.

What types of elective classes, clubs, and sports teams does HighPoint offer?

At this time, HighPoint does not offer after school clubs or sports teams. Electives vary depending on interest and availability. Options have included yearbook, computer programming, creative writing, Spanish, American Sign Language, physical education, theater/improv, and art classes.

If your family chooses to partner with Clarkston Community Schools for funding, it may be possible for your child to try out for and play on the Clarkston sports teams.

Feedback from parents with middle school students at HighPoint:

“HighPoint has been such a blessing to our large family, but the most profound impact has been on our middle school children. They are able to be in a safe and encouraging environment with teachers who truly love them and other students who are eager for positive peer interaction. HighPoint was the answer we didn’t even know we were looking for and has been a game-changer for this homeschool family.” – Parent, Downriver

“At such a transformative time in my son’s life, I am so thankful for a homeschooling program that partners WITH my husband and I in his education. Our experience at HighPoint has been nothing short of exceptional. Nothing in life is perfect–but I’d say our campus is pretty close!” – Parent, Rochester

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