Our Heart for Kindergarten

Here at HighPoint Hybrid Academy we love to foster the gifts in each child and provide help to you the parent – the primary educator. We work hard to ensure that your child will thrive in our joy filled kindergarten twice a week.

Our amazing kindergarten teachers bring out each child’s love of learning by giving them a vast array of experiences in a hands-on environment with active learning. Students will have a time of multi-sensory phonics instruction and reading development, handwriting, math, social studies, science, art, and music. This is accomplished by the use of centers, one-on-one time, small groups, large group learning and projects. Additionally, there is plenty of free play outside and indoors. As Albert Einstein once said, “Play is the highest form of research.” HighPoint kindergarten teachers incorporate play into their student’s learning of each subject to help each child develop to their fullest potential. As the weeks progress, each teacher gets to know each child and his/her God-given gifts, interests, and talents and she adjusts the learning centers to help develop these. Your child will be known, loved, cared for, encouraged and challenged in his or her kindergarten class.

The physical classrooms at the our campuses are just right for this learning group. They are bright, clean rooms with windows. There are different learning areas within the Primer room such as: a dramatic play station, a water table, reading and circle time area, toy and game area and classroom tables and chairs. Our staff has access to learning games, curriculum, toys, art supplies, a kitchen for cooking, etc. to make your child’s learning time active, fun and challenging.

Ms. Darlene graduated with a BA in Early Childhood Education from Cedarville College. Her first job was as a head teacher at a day care center. After a few years, Ms. Darlene got married, started a family and chose to be a stay-at-home mom. She has four children,  Austen who is now 20 was adopted at birth. He was 22 months old when the triplets were born. Her triplets are now all 18. At one time she had four children under the age of two!  Ms. Darlene decided to homeschool her children after her first child went to Kindergarten. She then joined a homeschool co-op where she taught Pre-K and Kindergarten “Five in a Row” classes and First Grade Animal Science, as well as classes for high schoolers. After her children graduated, she came to work at HighPoint. Teaching Kindergarten is her passion. She loves working with young children and seeing their gifts and love for learning blossom.

Here is what two parents have said about their child’s kindergarten experience:

“I definitely want to give a shout out to Ms. Darlene. She is such an amazing blessing to my son and his classmates. Her kindness and patience in a room of kindergartners is amazing – she’s incredible! Both of my children are loving the hybrid program.”

“My son loves having class with Ms. Darlene. She is so warm and welcoming. I like the amount of work sent home for homeschooling. The assignments she sends us are a good mixture of papers, books and hands-on learning, as well as discussion topics.”