Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon Learning Groups: Approximately 7- 12 years old

HighPoint Hybrid Academy’s elementary classes are focused on creating an environment that continues to encourage a deep love of learning. Our teachers bring a wealth of experience, passion, and creativity to their classrooms as they strive to develop academic and personal growth within each student. As your partner, HighPoint’s teachers will do the majority of curriculum selection, lesson planning, and teaching, while allowing you to be the primary leader and mentor in your child’s life. We find this hybrid model to be an effective way of teaching and delegating leadership and parental responsibilities to you.

Elementary students in Beta and beyond may have a different teacher for each subject. Our brilliant and caring teachers teach what they are most passionate about. The beauty of this model is that students experience different teaching styles utilizing a variety of modalities throughout the day. Additionally, a teacher can potentially work with a student on a particular subject over the course of several years.

On-campus elementary math classes consist of direct instruction, creative centers, exciting games, and hands-on activities. Students learn that math can be fun! Throughout the elementary years, students progress in their ability to add, subtract, divide, multiply, tell time, and understand how these all work together. Parents help their children work through the assigned curriculum at home with support and guidance from the teacher.

For elementary language arts, we combine the best of the best curriculum, methodologies, and philosophies to teach students how to read, write, and communicate well. Our program includes multi-sensory phonics, spelling, grammar, writing, public speaking, literature, poetry, and handwriting. The goal is to support the child where he or she is and move them forward in these critical stages of language arts development. At the Gamma level, we transition to reading quality literature.

Social studies and science for the elementary grades will be hands-on, exploratory classes designed to help students understand the past and make connections to the world around them. Students in Beta, Gamma, and Delta groups will have optional at-home assignments in these subject areas, such as reading or completing creative projects that tie into what they are learning in class. Epsilon students will have weekly home assignments in both science and social studies.

Elementary students will also have the opportunity to experience ancillary classes. Students at our various campuses will participate in classes such as theater, art, music, and physical education. Although some may regard art, music, and theater education as “extras,” our belief is that creative activities are among the most important building blocks of child development. The purpose of our multi-faceted approach is to foster the natural inquisitiveness of children by providing them with the tools needed to promote a lifetime of learning.

Frequently Asked Questions
What do Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon mean? What are learning groups?

HighPoint utilizes unique learning group names to differentiate each learning level. Students in Primer and Alpha are HighPoint’s youngest students and are typically ages 5-7. The next elementary learning groups are Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon, which designate students ages 7 – 12, approximately. We recognize that all students do not learn at the same pace. Because of this, we group students together by their math, language arts, and social level rather than simply by age. This model creates multi-age learning environments within each group.

What is the average class size for elementary classes?

HighPoint’s elementary groups have a maximum class size of 18 students. On average, our classes are 14-16 students.

What does an on-campus day look like for an elementary student?

Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon students rotate classes and meet with different teachers each hour. Students who rotate classes meet with their core class teachers on both days and with one elective teacher on the first day and the other on the second day.

Elementary Sample Schedule:
Day 1 Day 2
Period 1 Math Math
Period 2 Language Arts – Writing Language Arts – Writing
Period 3 Social Studies Social Studies
Lunch Lunch Lunch
Period 4 Science Science
Period 5 Art Music or Theater
Period 6 Language Arts – Reading Language Arts – Reading
What curricular resources does HighPoint use in the elementary learning groups?*
  • Math Mammoth
  • Elemental Science
  • Beautiful Feet living books for Social Studies.
  • All About Reading, Mosdos Press, Write Source, Spelling Workout, and quality literature for Language Arts

*This is not an exhaustive list but gives a general idea of what we utilize. Our teachers use the relevant and engaging books listed above as a springboard for hands-on activities, projects, and experiments in class.

How much time should I anticipate for at-home assignments?
Each child has different needs and works at a unique pace. What may take one student 15 minutes to complete may take another student an hour. On average we suggest planning 2 to 4 hours per home day, per child.

When children are usually under the age of eight or nine, a parent or caregiver will need to be extremely involved in teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic. The assignments are communicated online through our FACTS system. Math and language arts will always have required, weekly work, while social studies and science will typically have optional suggestions for Beta, Gamma, and Delta that tie into what is being done in class. Epsilon will have weekly home assignments for social studies and science.

How do teachers communicate and support parents with children in the elementary learning groups?
HighPoint Hybrid uses a Learning Management System called FACTS to help teachers and parents communicate. Parents are able to log into the secure system to see all of their child’s assignments and due dates.
Are there parent teacher conferences?
Yes. Twice each semester, parents are sent a progress report via email. Additionally, parents and teachers meet in person mid-way through the semester. Since parents and teachers are working so closely together, these conferences are a great way to continue to develop this partnership and ensure the student’s success.
Does HighPoint provide report cards?
At the end of each semester (January and May) digital report cards are emailed to parents. Additionally, progress reports are emailed every five weeks and parent-teacher conferences are hosted in the fall and spring. At any time, parents can view their child’s progress through the FACTS student information system. Teachers update their grade book weekly.
What if my child isn’t working at grade level? What if my child has special needs?
We recognize that each child is unique and special. Students are placed in learning groups based on their learning needs, not solely on their chronological age. This means some students might be a year older or younger than others in their group. During class, children are expected to participate in the class along with the activities and group learning. At home, parents have the freedom to tailor lessons, activities, and home assignments to meet their child’s unique learning needs. If a student needs additional practice or reinforcement, our teachers and Academic Director are happy to suggest additional resources.

While HighPoint Hybrid has the desire to help educate all children, we recognize that HighPoint might not be the best fit for every child. We acknowledge that we are not equipped to help children with significant disabilities and do not offer special assistance or paraprofessional support for students who have significant behavior or learning challenges. If HighPoint Hybrid is not a good fit for your child, we will do our best to refer you to programs that may offer more resources than we can provide.

Feedback from parents with elementary students at HighPoint:

“My son LOVES all of his teachers. They are all doing a great job of educating the kids with the right balance of work and fun! All of the hands-on learning (centers, crafts, projects, etc.) has really enhanced the educational experience for my son. Overall, we are very pleased and glad we decided to join HighPoint!” – Parent, Clinton Twp

“I love all the cool things our child does at HighPoint! The teachers are so kind and creative, plus they are very communicative, and we appreciate that.” – Parent, Downriver

“I have enjoyed the hybrid program because it has consistently helped me with what the “next step” is in teaching my children. All of the teachers have been exceptional and very willing to help when I have questions or need ideas. It has helped me stay more organized on my days at home with my children. It’s wonderful having them give you a lesson plan, but with the flexibility to add your own touches and creativity to it. We love it!” – Parent, Clarkston

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