HighPoint Hybrid Academy’s elementary classes are focused on creating an environment that encourages a deep love for learning. Our teachers bring a wealth of experience, passion, and creativity to their classrooms as they strive to develop academic and personal growth within each student. As your partner, HighPoint’s teachers will do the majority of curriculum selection, lesson planning, and teaching, while allowing you to be the primary leader and mentor in your child’s life. We find this hybrid model to be an effective way of teaching and delegating leadership and parental responsibilities to you.

HighPoint students have a different teacher for each subject, even in our early elementary learning groups (excluding kindergarten) and our brilliant and caring teachers teach what they are passionate about. The beauty of this is that there is a variety of styles of teaching and learning going on in each class, and students get to experience it all. Additionally, a teacher can work with a student on a certain subject for a few years and truly help a child progress over time.

We realize all students do not learn at the same pace. Because of this, we place students together by their math level rather than their age. This creates a multi-age learning environment within each group. We do not have traditional grade levels in our program; instead, we have learning groups. The learning groups are named Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta in elementary. For example, within our Gamma grouping of students, there may be students in an age range of 7- 10 or 11 years old. Students are given an assessment to help determine their appropriate level.

On campus, elementary Math classes consist of creative centers, exciting games and hands-on activities. Students learn that math can be fun! Throughout the elementary years, students progress in their ability to add, subtract, divide, multiply, tell time, and understand how it all works. Parents help their children work through the assigned curriculum at home with support and guidance from the teacher.

For elementary Language Arts, we combine the best of the best curriculum, methodology, and philosophy to teach students how to read, write and communicate. Our program includes multi-sensory phonics, spelling, grammar, writing, public speaking, and handwriting. We actually have two teachers that handle our elementary language arts classes, one focuses on phonics and reading, while the other teacher focuses on writing. We split each learning group in half for language arts – one group goes with our reading teacher and the other group with the writing teacher, and then they swap. This is done so that our teachers are able to give more individualized attention to a smaller group of students, meeting the child where he or she is at in these critical stages of reading and writing development. At the Gamma level, we transition to reading quality literature; which also promotes many cross-curricular connections and opportunities at home and in other hybrid classes.

History and Science in the elementary grades are each taught using the same curriculum for Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta, so families with elementary aged children can learn and explore both of these subjects together. This simplifies homeschooling for families with young children, as they will all be in the same time period together or discovering the same science topic. Both subjects for the elementary grades will be hands-on, exploratory classes designed to help students understand our past and the world around them.

Lastly, elementary students have creative classes that they get to attend as well. Students at our various campuses get to participate in at least two of the following: theater, art, music, gym and karate. In recent years, a traditional school curriculum has eliminated the arts instruction to focus more on the core subjects of language arts and math so their students can score better on standardized tests.  Although some may regard art, music and theater education as a luxury – creative activities are some of the most important building blocks of child development. 

Some feedback from some parents of elementary students in our program:

“My son LOVES all of his teachers. They are all doing a great job of educating our kids with the right balance of work and fun! All of the hands-on learning (centers, crafts, projects, etc) has really enhanced the educational experience for my son. Overall, we are very pleased and glad we decided to join the hybrid!”

“We really love this program and feel that it is the perfect balance for us! We are so grateful.”

“The teachers are so kind and creative. I love all the cool things our child does at the hybrid! Also, the teachers are very communicative, and we appreciate that.”

“I have enjoyed the hybrid program because it has consistently helped me with what the “next step” is in teaching my children. All of the teachers have been exceptional and very willing to help when I have questions or need ideas. It has helped me stay more organized on my days at home with my children. It’s wonderful having them give you a lesson plan, but with the flexibility to add your own touches and creativity to it. We love it!”