Middle & High School

In a world where test scores and grades increasingly determine a child’s future, students and families crave a place where learning is more than just achieving good grades and spitting out answers. True learners ask questions about the world they live in and what they can expect from it. They search for places where big questions are asked, the kind that don’t always have an answer. They want a safe place where they are encouraged to be the best version of themselves. HighPoint Hybrid Academy seeks to be that place.

Like most traditional schools, HighPoint focuses on the core subjects in the upper grades. We offer Science classes in Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. The History classes cover all aspects of both American and World History. The Language Arts classes read quality books, teach students to analyze, write and communicate clearly, and discuss and debate many forms of literature, while the math classes continually increase each student’s math proficiency. There are electives in Art, Music, and Spanish, plus other great choices each semester like most traditional schools. This is where the similarities end.

The entire staff at HighPoint Hybrid Academy does not seek just to create good students, but to create students who graduate from high school and are prepared to take on the world in their own, individual way. This begins in the Life Skills and Leadership classes. In these classes students are encouraged to discover their unique talents and how they can be used in the future. By taking tests like the Myer- Briggs Personality Assessment and reading books about leaders and entrepreneurs, students are encouraged to create a life that honors others and contributes to society in a meaningful way.

The Language Arts and History classes are connected so students can begin to interpret world events through many points of view. In this manner they learn to interpret the world for themselves rather than waiting for a news crew to tell them what to believe. The Math and Science classes encourage students to ask questions and learn at a deeper level than just passing the test. In all areas, instructors focus on curiosity and joy of learning for all students. Learning is the goal, not the byproduct of grades.

By partnering with parents in their child’s education, HighPoint can help educate students without interfering with family time and dynamics. Coming to class two days a week and receiving homework for part of the other days allows upper school students to pursue their passions outside of a school environment. We strongly encourage our older students to volunteer, work in apprenticeships, or study a particular area that interests them, because we believe there is so much more to life than academics alone. Trying out opportunities can cause students to grow and can give them insight into what they may want to do with their lives.

At first glance, HighPoint Hybrid Academy may seem to be a traditional school that meets two days a week. We would like to invite you to come join us and see for yourself. We hope you’ll feel a spark of creativity, a renewed joy for learning, and an inkling of the possibilities that lie inside each individual.

Some feedback from parents of middle and high school students:

“The teachers are doing a fantastic job; I really appreciate their connection with each of my children and the encouragement and instruction they give them at school. The clear communication of assignments gives my kids the independence to complete their work readily at home.”

“It is the best fit possible for my child right now, and I am so grateful. Because of different strengths and weaknesses, it allows each student/child to grow individually and gain true KNOWLEDGE. The small class sizes are a blessing. The ready-made curriculum is a HUGE weight off my shoulders, and also gives her (and I) more accountability.”

“Hybrid is ideal. I wish my oldest daughter could have had this quality curriculum. It has consistency! The children don’t feel like a number, the teachers are kind mentors, and it’s obvious they care and want my children to succeed.”