Please see some frequently asked questions about HighPoint Hybrid Academy.

No. While we love volunteer help at lunch, parents do not work and are not involved in the classrooms on campus. We hire teachers who are passionate and highly qualified to pour into our students. We expect parents to drop off their children in the morning and pick them up at the end of the day.

No, we realize that our program is not for everyone. While we have worked hard to create a program to meet the needs of many children, we recognize that we are not equipped to serve every child. We reserve the right to decide that a child is not a good fit for HighPoint. 

​No, HighPoint Hybrid Academy is an optional 2-day-a-week program that partners with parents who use HighPoint Virtual Curriculum at home. These classes are designed to meet the high school requirements and prepare students for college and beyond.  

If a family chooses to enroll with our local school district partner as a school of choice student and is on a High School graduation path, classes taken at HighPoint Hybrid Academy with Highpoint Virtual Curriculum will be accredited through that local school district.

Class Requirements & Records

HighPoint Virtual curriculum covers all core subjects​: Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts​, ​and Humanities classes which may include Art, Music or Theater​. We also offer additional classes that middle and high school students may take such as Public Speaking, Art, Spanish, and more. These courses are studied at home using our virtual platform and enhanced with our optional in-person component.

HighPoint Virtual Curriculum is a complete educational ​program​. Students ​are required to ​take all ​subjects and all classes on both days if they are choosing our in-person option. Students in middle and high school may have the option to choose electives. If a student wants to choose only a few specific classes to take, ​Homeschool Connections is a great option that we recommend.

We keep each class limited to 14-18 students depending on the location and grade level. 

Teachers use HighPoint Virtual Curriculum as the platform for all virtual learning. They will have their course overviews, on-campus lessons, and homework listed on our Student Information System (FACTS) and Student Learning Management System (LMS) so parents and students can access them at any time.

Much of the required home assignments include items such as reading, watching a video, collecting information, writing a paper, math practice, etc. Students who come to campus are expected to complete all that is required. While we have a lot of systems in place, we do allow each teacher some latitude to clarify expectations and processes for their classes.

Yes, there are grades for each class, and report cards are processed twice a year. Student progress is shown regularly through the FACTS SIS program.

No. However, parent involvement in the program is always welcome and appreciated. We want to create a wonderful place for children to learn together. Field trips, activity days, and special events are exciting ways that parents can be involved and will be encouraged to set up on off-campus days. 

Financial Information

HighPoint does offer a multi-student discount on administrative fees. The first and second students pay the full rate. Beyond that, there is a discount. All other fees and tuition are not discounted. 

Book costs are not included in the administration fee. Depending on grade level and where purchased, estimated costs are about $300 per student.

Please see all of our tuition and fees by clicking here

Please visit our Curriculum Type step in Admissions to see this information. Please note that this is a completely separate process from the application and enrollment process with HighPoint Hybrid Academy.

Campus & Campus Day Information

There are multiple campus locations to choose from for the upcoming year. Please visit our Locations page.

Lunch breaks are 30-40 minutes long. All students need to bring a packed lunch on the days their campus meets. There is no microwave or refrigerator available. Pizza and/or special lunch days are offered on occasion.

Students have the opportunity to play and connect after eating lunch. Our classes are very activity-based so students will not be sitting for long periods of time. Our stellar teachers make sure that students have plenty of action throughout the day and they will go outside during class occasionally.

No. Uniforms are not required. We do ask that students wear comfortable, clean clothes and dress in a modest way. Our full dress code is shared with families at the start of the year in our family handbook.

​HighPoint is not specifically affiliated with any church, however, we do partner with local churches by renting space for our on-campus meetings.

HighSchool & Graduation

​Yes. The classes that students take are designed to meet the high school requirements and to prepare them for college and beyond.

Dual Enrollment (DE), taking college classes while in high school, is an exciting option for some students who are ready for that level of academics. This program allows students to take college classes each semester through local colleges and will be paid for by our public school tuition partner, with no extra expense for families.  

These are the guidelines:

Grade 9 – no DE

Grade 10 – no DE

Grade 11 – 6 credit hours per semester

Grade 12 – 6 credit hours per semester

  • Students must have a C average to be able to participate in DE.
  • DE class choices must be approved by the public school district program.
  • DE classes may not be during HighPoint class meeting times.
  • If a DE class replaces a HighPoint class, students may take a study hall instead of the class.
  • If a student fails a DE class, they may not take another DE class the following semester. The student must also get HighPoint’s permission to take another DE class in the future.